New Quantitative Ethnography Resources

It was a busy summer at Epistemic Analytics, but we produced some new resources that might be helpful as you continue exploring quantitative ethnography and our analytic tools.
For those of you new to ENA, we have put together a couple of short tutorial videos that are now available on our YouTube channel. One covers how to upload a dataset to ENA, and the other shows you how to use the basic functions of the ENA webtool. Check them out! We will continue to put out new videos, so let us know if there’s a topic you would like us to explore further.
For more advanced users, have you thought about hosting a quantitative ethnography workshop at your institution? Recently, Morten Misfeldt and Kamila Misiejuk hosted a successful quantitative ethnography workshop at the Nordic LASI in Copenhagen. They have prepared some great workshop materials and in-depth PowerPoint guides. If you’re interested in organizing a QE/ENA workshop, reach out and we would be happy to connect you with these resources.

And finally, don’t forget to join the quantitative ethnography Slack Channel, where we’ve posted the videos, bits of code, and some Powerpoint presentations describing the basics of QE, ENA, and nCoder. It’s also a place where you can ask any questions you have while working with our tools and communicate with other members of the quantitative ethnography community.