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Quantitative Ethnography

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  • Date :06 Jul, 2019
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How can we make sense of the deluge of information in the digital age? The new science of Quantitative Ethnography dissolves the boundaries between quantitative and qualitative research to give researchers tools for studying the human side of big data: to understand not just what data says, but what it tells us about the people who created it. Thoughtful, literate, and humane, Quantitative Ethnography integrates data-mining, discourse analysis, psychology, statistics, and ethnography into a brand-new science for understanding what people do and why they do it. Packed with anecdotes, stories, and clear explanations of complex ideas, Quantitative Ethnography is an engaging introduction to research methods for students, an introduction to data science for qualitative researchers, and an introduction to the humanities for statisticians-but also a compelling philosophical and intellectual journey for anyone who wants to understand learning, culture and behavior in the age of big data.